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(To tune of “You’ve Gotta Have Heart” by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, from Broadway Musical “Damn Yankees”)

We’re gonna need gills
What the fishes breathe with, gills
With the ocean rising, ditch all your sleds
When over our heads, it spills
Then we’re gonna need gills

We’re gonna need fins
Shiny scales atop our skins
Polar bears down in Antarctica sit
On Glaciers now little hills
Soon we’re gonna need gills

Do you really think you oughta
Build that home up on the shore?
You’ll be living under water
Coral reef’s a lovely floor
The odds are brimming
You’ll be swimming

We’re gonna need gills
Breathing air will be what kills
Under water where the air doesn’t boil
Till some jerk for oil there drills
For now we’re gonna need gills

CO2 has made the sky mad
Mother Nature didn’t smile
Watch the Ozone on your I-Pad?
More Tornadoes towns defile
A dead canary
This is scary

Were gonna need gills
We’ve no climate warming pills
Floods are raging and the rivers all swell
Yet auto ads sell us frills
When we’re gonna need gills

Lyric © 2012 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved

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