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(To tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon,” by Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow, made popular by Yarrow’s folk group, Peter, Paul and Mary (1963)).           

President Obama
Now lives in D.C.
And Puff the Magic Dragon
Once lived in Hannah Lee

ButWashington’s a mean place
And dreamers dare not be
Where politics a game is played
Without frivolity

Where people in the While House
Hate people on the hill
And members of the Congress all
Return the same ill-will

But now it’s been three years and
The ring is there to tell
Two parties in far corners
Wait for the fighter’s bell.

Both throwing sucker punches
The low blows say it all
Knock down the eyed opponent
Though the country might just fall

Meanwhile we the people
Are trying just to live
No one’s cheering for their sport
We have no joy to give

We love our constitution
Checks, balances, give thanks
But now the checks are bouncing
And the balances fill banks

Our founders once high-minded
Were principled enough
To argue and yet compromise
On issues that were tough

Today we’ve mansy-pansies
Small men with brittle pride
Who place above the country’s good
One or the other side

 And Puff the Magic Dragon
Comes not where no one dreams
He’d not know how to frolic
In this place of selfish schemes

 But we could use his magic
Bring Puff there to D.C.
Some frolicking might help those men
See what they fail to see

Let’s summon Jackie Piper
And we’ll all meet him where
We’ll dream a bunch of dragon dreams
They’re sorely needed there

To see again as children
A world big without plots
With eyes as wide as oceans
And brains not tied in knots

Young hopeful expectations
And dreams round all the bends
And days of loved imaginings
And dragons for our friends

And maybe then in Congress
That magic would take hold
And Puff would move the people there
To dare when dreams are told

For dragons though we can’t see
Are with us still today
Close your eyes, remembering
Those endless days of play

All life is just a playground
And Congress is the same
For it’s not if you win or lose
But, how you play the game.

Lyric © 2012 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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