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(To tune of, “Come Softly Darling” by Gretchen Christopher, Barbara Ellis and Gary Troxel (1959), a pop hit song performed by, “The Fleetwoods.”)

Insider trading,
Troll rules in vain
Raw greed parading
Who’ll reap an unfair gain?

A little secret to tell
Rare information to sell
Before the news is released
Some favored palms to be greased

Chicanery on the wires
Insiders stoking the fires
Sly tips for only a few
No, Raj won’t be calling you

Insider trading
What is the fuss?
We ride on waiting
Hot tip, they’re off of the bus

Gordon Gekko was right
Greed is the cross and the light
Morality is for fools
Insider tips are the tools

That merger not going though
A new bad rating is due
Who’ll know before others will?
Who’ll make a million, a kill?

Insider trading
The market’s train
Departs the station
We’re standing in the rain

The SEC needs a quake
The takers take all they take
The rest of us sip the lees
Dead leaves, they fall off the trees.

Enforcement, what a big show
Big clients all in the know
Stock traders eying the book
Analysts letting them look

Insider trading
Don’t dare complain
That’s vile degrading
The system holding reign

Lyric © 2012 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved

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