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 (To tune of, “Taking a Chance on Love,” by Vernon Duke & John La Touche)

 Here they go again
The  campaign trumpets blow again
Watch the  show again
Making elections dumb

See them vie again
Accuse and then deny again
Campaigning lie for lie again
Making elections dumb

You’d think we’d learn from the last time
Are we dumber than goats?
To them this game is a past time
And the race is on for votes

Oh what gall again
Assaulted in the fall again
We’re made to watch them brawl again
Making elections dumb

Additional verses
We’re, unimpressed again
The candidates undressed again
Making us feel depressed again
From this election numb

All put out again
From that November doubt again
What was it all about again?
Making elections dumb

Lyric © 2012 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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