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(To the tune of “Learning the Blues,” by Delores Vicki Silvers, made popular by Frank Sinatra in 1950s)

Some thought it was good news
Tax rates aren’t rising
Not so for the well-off
Who are now realizing
They’ll pay the piper
And the pain won’t be brief
And that’s what they’re calling
Taxpayer relief

But even the workers
Will notice their net-pay
Decline from a tax-hike
From the party they’d let play
Mean fiscal war-games
‘Gainst the Dems and the chief
Who’ve passed what they’re calling
Taxpayer relief

Bridge 1
The AMT should never touch
The middle class no-how
So, when they pass a patch we
Shouldn’t need
How dare they take a bow

To add to the insult
You’ll lose your exemptions
And all those deductions
Will phase-out, need I mention
On your investments
A new tax pours on grief
And this they are calling
Taxpayer relief

Bridge 2
And tax reform’s a word we’ve heard
That always seems to vex
For every time they say reform
The Code grows more complex

And now they’re preparing
To forge the next battle
On spending and budgets
Loudly sabers will rattle
Always repeating
Same old crime like a thief
Till congress reforms though
We’ll get no relief

Lyric © 2012 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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