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THEY SAY IT’S WONDERFUL(To tune of, “They Say it’s Wonderful,” by Irving Berlin, from 1946 Broadway show “Annie Get Your Gun.”)

They say that owning a gun
Is wonderful,
It’s wonderful,
So they say.

And to be holding a gun
Is wonderful,
So they tell me

I’ve never pulled a trigger
My joys feel somewhat bigger
I’ve only heard those joining the NRA,

“And if some people are killed
Though terrible, it’s wonderful
To be someone
With a gun.”

Bridge 2:
Say I’m a little dream-ish
Perhaps a bit too squeamish
But I believe this world can be good and grand

I’d rather live in a world
That’s beautiful, and wonderful
For everyone
With no guns

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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