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Many worry about the Patriot Act, but even more pernicious as an invader of privacy are the massive data bases that large commercial enterprises are building.  These files contain detail information about our lives gleaned from data-chips in our cars, cell phones and on our computers.  Soon they may be put in the labels on our clothing, if not already hidden there.  The gender of Mr. Chip is not meant to make a statement of any kind.  I simply liked how ” Nosey Mister Chip” sounded with the melody better than the gender neutral alternative, “Nosey Little Chip.”

(To tune of, “I’m Mister Blue,” by DeWayne Blackwell, 1959 chart-topping hit of singing group The Fleetwoods)

New technology has reached a stage
Big Brother would approve
Huge data bases are now all the rage
Tracking our every move
Forgive me if you hear doubt
Slip from my worried lips
As capitalists now all contend
Our friends are data chips

My Mister Chip
Embedded in each website
Noting my every link
My likes and how I think
Reducing me to a blip
Nosey Mister Chip

Sly Mister Chip
Your in the car I’m driving
My hidden traveler
A data gatherer
Along on my every trip
Nosey Mister Chip

If I stay a home one night
You might tell a satellite
And my TV, a screen of
Watching eyes
(Nosey People)

Why, Mr. Chip?
Must you know my life?
The joy and pain: what for?
Surely to sell me more
Print out another sales-slip
Nosey Mister Chip

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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