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The brightest economic minds in Europe have apparently decided that what the Euro-zone needs is a run on its banks.  They’ve proposed stealing funds from Cypriot bank depositors to help bail out the banks.   New Zealand seems to want to join in the thievery. Will Spain and Italy follow suit?  After all,  government  stealing is not theft, but a levy.  

(To tune of, “I’ll Take Romance,” by Ben Oakland and Oscar Hammerstein II)

We’ll take your cash
While it’s in your bank and easy to grab
To pay off our big tab
We’ll take your cash

We’ll take your dough
Though we’d sworn it safe as locked in a vault
Watch how we somersault
We’ll take your dough

So the Euro is in double, trouble
Found its way into Cyprus
Spending rubble,
Piles in Cyprus, where people
Don’t like us.

Take your hard-cash
No more college fund,  you’re left all a-gasp
Savings within our grasp
We’ll take your cash

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

One response to “WE’LL TAKE YOUR CASH

  1. Marc Steinberg ⋅

    Hi Red,

    They certainly have balls, and are not shy about displaying their thievery! In Cyprus, where people don’t like us :-)!


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