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This post relates to the terrible events in Boston, although it’s not know that religious fanatics perpetrated the act. But, one might rightly ask, “What kind of God allows such horror?”

(To tune of “Lost in the Stars,” by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson from the 1949 Broadway Show of the same name).

First they killed all the Christians ‘cause they didn’t like them
Then they killed every Muslim in Jerusalem
Then they murdered the Jews knelt in prayer to Ha Shem
All in the name, of one God.

So a child sets a bomb off without any shame
Without feeling guilt, with a purpose to maim
Saying God has commanded, the dead bear the blame
All in the name of one God

Now if God made, everything on earth
Each of his children, would have equal worth
And love would prevail, but of that there’s a dearth
Making what to believe in so hard

So, I’ve been gazing towards the heavens above
Asking whoever is up there, please send down some love
Quiet the lions, awaken the dove
And give us a kind world, a God’s worthy of
We’re all mortals, spare us the rod
All in the name of one God
All in the name of one God.

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved


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