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The theme of this post is related to that of my earlier post, “Taught to Buy.”  I was reading a magazine article last weekend that highlighted stylish clothing for the summer.  It started me thinking about fashion trends.  Are not the most fashionable simply the first to conform to fashion dictates of the season?  Follow the designer’s latest fad or be “out-of-style.”  Wear clothes that  fit the formulated trend and you’re “in.”  But, do not these constantly changing commandments from the fashion Gods make you feel just a bit manipulated?       

(To tune of “How About You,” by Burton Lane and R. Freed)

The Fashionista is
First to conform
Swayed by the fashion biz
To be first to conform

The fashion industry
Springs its yearly storm
New shades and lengths of hem
Who’ll strut out wearing them?
The first to conform

What’s wrong with that old suit?
Once made her smile
Why should she give a hoot?
If it’s yesterday’s style

In the Salvation Army bag
Threads with a pricey tag
Some barely worn
There to be first to conform

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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