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Brazil’s economy was bolstered by commodity exports.  The middle class prospered then but now feels pressured by a wall of stagnation.  Another story of a country squandering commodity wealth, in Brazil not on arms, but on 10 new stadiums for the World Cup, and disproportionate benefit to the wealth class.  All while infrastructure decays, education and health care are woeful and corruption runs rampant.  A small bus fare increase, since reversed, has evoked rage among the quiet masses.  Politicians and fat cats are worried.  Perhaps pondering, “Where is Jobim to rescue us with his lilting diversions?”

(To the tune of “Brazil,” by Ary Barroso and Sidney Russell, popularized by Frank Sinatra in 1957)

Brazil, where bossa nova melodies
Waft through the streets and on the breeze
And Girls from Ipanema tease
And smile
All too beguiling

Now, a bitter angry song is sung
And in the streets are banners hung
“Where’s education for our young”

So, whatever Dilma Rousseff does
The climate won’t be what it was
And gone is, that World Cup buzz
Things change
In old, Brazil

Brazil, where petro dollars made some rich
The middle class slid in a ditch
Now politicians start to twitch
And rue
The ruckus brewing

Fools, for raising fares to ride the bus
Who didn’t see the coming fuss
And now they’re hearing people cuss

For, corruption’s on the public’s mind
With roads un-drivable maligned
“Come to the streets, join millions lined”
Things change
In old, Brazil

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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