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This post is dedicated to habitual non-filers who procrastinate and fail to submit an annual tax return by the prescribed due date for filing.

(To traditional blues riff)

I’ve got a bad case of taxitis
My stomach’s tied up in a knot
The doctor says it’s not colitis
But a tax ailment that I’ve got
I haven’t filed my tax return
The worry is making my stomach churn

I could have filed for an extension
Just didn’t have the bucks to pay
Now to my wife I dare not mention
That I have missed tax filing day
She wouldn’t like that sort of news
She’d aggravate these mean tax blues

Oh Well I’ve tried psychology
The doctors told me to confess
I’ve looked into biology
Learned my whole system is a mess
Need I explain taxology?
“Everyone’s scared to death,
Of the IRS”

I’ve got a bad case of taxitis
Worse than I’ve ever had before
It pains me more than tendonitis
Afraid of every knock at my door
Fearing it could be the tax collector
I can’t handle the stress anymore

Feel like a criminal caught in the crime
Next year, I swear, to file on time

© 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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