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Argentina is following close on the heels of Venezuela towards disaster.  But without the oil revenue, it may overtake its model.  Debt default and cash controls won’t pave a road towards economic growth.  What grows is inflation, yet,  President Kirchner persists.


(To tune of “Don’t Cry for me Argentina,” by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice from London and Broadway show, “Evita”)

Who’ll cry for you Argentina?
You’re drowning like Venezuela
Those charming Kirchners
A total failure
Fed by delusions
Fashion regalia

Who are they kidding? Look where you are
Trying what didn’t work in the USSR
Pure Socialism
When seen through a prism, no light filters through
And life’s not better
In fact, life’s unbearable, what’s one to do?
Your leaders don’t answer
They haven’t a clue

Who’ll cry for you Argentina?
You’re sailing with Venezuela
On dream-filled oceans
A leaky wailer
The sea is angry
Poor drunken sailor

Don’t dance your tangos, don’t sing your songs
As long as this government reigns
A fiesta is wrong, music doesn’t belong here
Joy is too foolish
Only fools call a dance when the future is gone?
And what do they tell you?
Your president says “Tango-on.”

Who’ll cry for you Argentina?
You’re battered and broken-hearted
A proud beloved land
Those who’ve departed
Feel lost and cheated
These populistas,
Must be defeated

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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