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The USCIS E-Verify data base can be used by employers to check whether information provided by a prospective employee on his or her I-9 agrees with federal records. Some have worried that the system will be abused by both employers and ever more intrusive federal agencies. My concern is with those undocumented workers who have been in the U.S. for some time, have families and now will be denied the ability to support a family.  We plan to spend billions to build a Berlin Wall along the U.S. – Mexican border.  Perhaps we would more wisely invest those funds on programs to help Mexico create sustainable jobs in Mexico and safer conditions there  that its citizens do not have to risk life, limb and deportation to earn a decent living and find a livable life.  I do not here debate the cost versus benefit to the economy of illegal immigration.  I address only the human hardship that causes migration.  I chose a fight song because some support deportation with the fervor of a collegiate football fan.


(To tune of “Roar Lion Roar,” fight song of Columbia University, by Corey Ford and Roy Webb – originally written to different lyrics – source of fight-song lyrics unknown)

Is now the echo of the right and royal,
loyal republicans who chime:
Fire those, illegal immigrants,
who earn a dime.

Report them all!
Deport them all!
Bus them back home.

Mean laws make life a crime.
and any Mexican a job deny.

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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