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It seems to me that today’s world is more about material things than ideas.
We consume, are taught and encouraged to consume.  Instead of thinking about the world we self-indulge in our own world.  Twitter messages or Facebook posts cannot convey the insights and ideas of the likes of Joseph Conrad, “The horror, the horror!” (Heart of Darkness), Victor Hugo, “The miserable,” (Les Miserables) or Dostoyevsky, “The Grand Inquisitor,” (The Brothers Karamazov).  As a culture we are no longer reading serious writers with serious ideas.  We amuse ourselves.  But, amusement distracts from what is important in the world.  Absent our own ideas, germinated from interacting with great minds, we adopt the media spin.  We accept propaganda as truth.  We relish chain emails that reinforce our narrow-minded views.  In doing so, we sell our souls to the devil.  We slowly yet certainly eviscerate our treasured democracy.



(To tune of “But Not for Me,” by George and Ira Gershwin)

Don’t know what’s good for me
So they decide
Don’t know what I should be
So they decide

I live in ignorance
A dull consuming trance
No will to take a chance
So I abide

Don’t know the price I pay
When I agree
Go shopping twice a day
That’s being free?

But freedom’s all amiss
When ignorance is bliss
Then I don’t even miss
What’s good for me.

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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