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The Supreme Court after oral argument seems poised by a slim majority of justices to follow its Citizens United decision, giving corporations freedom of speech to buy elections, with yet another decision (McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission)  affording wealthy individuals the unfettered right to corrupt the system.  I saw a photo in the newspaper today, in which protesters outside the Court edifice are raising a mock American flag with corporate seals replacing the stars and U.S. currency replacing the stripes.  I have great respect for the flag but wonder if George M. Cohan would feel as patriotic about the sharply divided moneyed class system that seeks to obliterate the flag’s original symbolism and replace it with the creed of a corporatocracy.

(To the tune of “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” by George M. Cohan)

You’re a green–back flag.
You’re a bottom-line flag.
In the boardrooms you’re proudly displayed.

You’re the symbol of,
a creed they love,
a system, the rich have it made.

Let the poor live too,
‘til they’re black and they’re blue
From the lessons no hope instills.
The stars are now big corporate seals.
And the stripes, hundred-dollar bills.

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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