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Yesterday it was reported that West Hollywood Halloween festival-revelers danced to electronic music and cheered as a man engulfed in flames burned to death.  Another recorded the event and posted the horrific scene to a video website.  Some did try to help, albeit to no avail.  One must ponder whether the digital revolution is engendering a generation of hollowed-out people lacking empathy; whether in the age of reality shows and desperation for You-tube fame, we are disconnecting from our common humanity.

(To the tune of, “Day in – Day out,” by Rube Bloom and Johnny Mercer)

Tuned-in, Tuned-out.
These days most kids don’t see what life’s about.
Young faces bolted to a screen, Life fast going by unseen.
While squandering precious time
Tuned-in and Tuned-out.

Tuned-out, Tuned-in.
They wake up texting as the day begins
And when they talk, they’re conversing with but Google
Are they any smarter than their phones?
Perfectly happy somewhere in a cloud like drones

Come rain, Come shine
They’ve got an i-phone with them and their fine
And should another need help, they’ll pause for a shot
For You-Tube fame, to give aid not
There’s a disconnect here, we should worry about
With people all,
Tuned-in and Tuned-out

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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