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(To the tune of “That’s Entertainment” by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz from the MGM musical film “The Band Wagon starring Fred Astaire (1953))

At a game you’re romancing a flame
Eating  lunch handicapping a hunch
Sipping punch, at the family brunch
Tax entertainment

You’re a star taking off for the car
Making de-preciation go far
Playing golf and then writing off par
Tax entertainment

With pluck try your luck at deducting a trip
Hotels and even the tip
“They’ll never catch me” you quip
Then some bad luck, you’ve caught it
A notice for an audit

Disguise all that fear in your eyes
We can guess at the cause: IRS
More or less, you’re a grape in the press
A song to instruct, you’d best not deduct
Tax entertainment

Lyric © 2011 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved

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