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The inauguration of President Obama spawned magic inspiration.  He’d promised hope.  His re-election after the Great Recession renewed that promise. Perhaps in his second term things would be different.  Perhaps the Republicans and Democrats would cooperate on the business of governing.  But the GOP has remained entrenched in its take-no-prisoners strategy of destroying the Obama presidency.   And, the President prefers to stay out of the trenches and seems at times rather aloof.  Congressional Democrats facing mid-term elections are worried about their own seats and are want to take risks for the administration’s legislative agenda.  Sadly, no one is terribly surprised by the continuous stalemate.  More sadly, great hope has turned to cruel disappointment.

(To tune of, “I’ve Got Your Love to Keep me Warm,” by Irving Berlin)

My brain’s exploding.
Blind trust eroding.
These days I feel just like a dope.
Why, you might ask, I feel like a dope?
Obama, why’d you give us hope?

The blame is flying.
The facts they’re frying.
And I just sit around and mope.
Why, you might ask do I sit and mope?
Obama, why’d you give us hope?

Congress is partisan.
A fool would see.
No naïve artisan,
Can change DC

The sabotaging.
The truth massaging.
Anticipating this year’s vote.
Why, you might ask, should I even vote?
Before he won, we’d learned to cope.
Obama, why’d you give us hope?


Lyric © 2014 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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