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David Copperfield is the protagonist, in Charles Dickens’ novel bearing the character’s name. Copperfield loathes Uriah Heep who designs a plan and attempts to deviously force David’s childhood companion Agnes to marry him.  Copperfield calls Heep evil because Heep employs offensive false humility to camouflage his cynicism and malicious scheming.

Republican attacks on President Obama cross the line from legitimate to malevolent because the presidential bashing is not critical but represents an across-the-board assault on every initiative proposed or action initiated by the president.  I do not say that the president is not deserving of criticism but I do assert that the criticism leveled by the GOP is not fairly directed but instead offers only biased partisan assaults aimed at discrediting both the man and his policies.  This take-no-prisoners attack plan is both cynical and malicious and reminds me much of the contemptible Uriah Heep.

(To original melody)

The GOP has become Uriah Heep.
Watch your step, their B.S. pile is deep.
Like that rogue from Dickens’ book,
They too give me the creeps.
The GOP has become Uriah Heep.

Cynical and scheming
Recount  the lies they’ve tried
To spring on us.

The GOP has become Uriah Heep.
Keep one eye open, if you dare to sleep.
For unlike David Copperfield,
Who wants what goodness reaps.
The GOP has become Uriah Heep.

Lyric © 2014 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved.

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