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Record sums of money were spent on the just concluded mid-term elections. In Florida Governor Rick Scott was trailing Charlie Christ until he undertook a last-minute  spending spree to steal a victory.  In total Florida Republicans raised $209 million and half of that was used to reelect Scott.  The results illustrate how spending more than your opponent gets you a seat in the House, or Senate or Governor’s mansion. If money dictates the result, then are not our votes superfluous?  Why not do away with voting altogether.  Instead, allow political parties to hold competing telethons.  Whichever party raised the most cash, would then appoint  the President.  Seats in the House and Senate would be divided proportionately, based on the total funds raised by each party.  Because of Citizens United the wealthy and corporate interests  would continue to influence the result, as they did in this election. But, at least we’d no longer be infuriated by the twisted-map Gerrymandering that is today employed to retain congressional seats. And we wouldn’t have to stand in line.  Just click online to indicate preferences by making your political donation.

(To the tune of, “You Say you Want a Revolution,” by Paul McCartney and John Lennon).

Another telethon election.
Who won?
You can just tally up the cash.
Before you’ve made your proud selection.
They’ll know.
The one who’s built a bigger stash
For running those ads to denigrate their foes.
They’re stealing the country, while the people doze
Here in American, these days,
Here in America.

The highest court in our fine nation
Oh well,
Said corporations have a say.
They’ve let them make the fat donations.
And pray tell.
The dollar’s carrying the day.
And nobody says what they believe no more.
They’re asking for money knocking at my door.
Here in American, these days.
Here in America.

Experience the thrill of voting.
They say.
As they manipulate your mind.
Brainwashing you with their promoting.
All day.
The truth you’re never gonna find.
But with all of the negativity we’re sold
Inside of your head the message soon takes hold.
Here in America, these days
Here in America

America was made by people
Who compromised.
To help to build a better land.
Our congressmen see through a peephole.
There’s such
A narrow-mindedness at hand.
Just think of the influence a million buys.
You vote for crook who tells the fewest lies.
Here in America, these days.
Here in America/

Democracy is so in trouble.
Who cares?
You’re busy driving the new car.
But soon they’re gonna burst your bubble.
Blank stares.
Does anyone notice where we are?
If this is Democracy, then I’m a saint.
Pretending to be what we once were, and ain’t.
Here in America, these days.
We’ve lost America.
Here in America these days
Where is America?

Lyric © 2014 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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