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Congress is back in session.  What? No shouts of Hooray?  The reaction one hears is more like:

 Here we go again
The circus is in town
Congress is in session
Pick your fav’rite clown.

(To tune of “Catch Us if You Can,” by Dave Clark and Lenny Davidson of the Dave Clark Five.”

The problem is that our duly elected guys and gals by and large don’t measure  up to the task at hand. Yes, the GOP is the new ringmaster; but, not one act has changed since I first posted this lyric in 2012.  I republish it now with minor modifications.

(To tune of “It’s Alright with Me,” by Cole Porter)

They’re the wrong gang
For a grim task
All those politicians
Wear a thin mask
And so I ask
Why the hypocrisy?
That’s not alright with me.

How they court us
And adore us
Then when we elect them
They ignore us
They’re not for us
We can’t move D.C..
That’s not alright with me

This is one more congress I’d like to forget
What strange disenchantment I feel
With Super Pac money, what they want they’ll get
And we’re all left with bitter lemons to peel

Maybe I’m right
Maybe you’re right
Maybe we’re both wrong
And yet we all fight
But we just might,
Solve the problems we see
If we’d find some harmony
And that’s alright
That would be alright with me.

Lyric © 2015, 2012 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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