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This is what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu might sing to President Obama if invited to perform at the White House after addressing congress.

(To the tune of, “Mr. Wonderful,” by Jerry Bock, Larry Holofcener & George David Weiss, from the 1956 Broadway show of the same name)

Why this rancor?
Why this gloom?
Why this fear of an impending doom?
I’ll be here and then I’ll be flying home.
Mr. President, “Shalom.”

Why our worry
‘bout Iran?
Well, they’d nuke us
as soon as they can.
The Ayatollah mocks your hopeful tome.
Mr. President, “Shalom.”

Do you really believe that Iran
will abide by your dear peaceful plan?

They’ve been stalling
biding time.
Centrifuges meanwhile
whistle and chime.
So I’ll leave you with this one simple gnome
Mr. President, “Shalom.”


Lyric © 2015 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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