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Staring with Vietnam we’ve been engaged in a seamless continuum of war, one following another, sometime more than one at a time.  Yet no war since WW II has posed an existential threat to the survival of our nation. None was a formally declared state of war. Were these later conflicts then necessary only to keep the military industrial complex humming?  With billions of dollars in defense contracts at stake and requiring an atmosphere of threat to justify, I wonder who is making these life and death decisions about committing our military might and towards what end are these decisions being made?  Here’s a defense industry view on the subject.


(To the tune of, “We Need a Little Christmas,” by Jerry Herman from the Broadway Musical “Mame.”)

Peace is pure folly –
A real disaster for our war economy.
War’s great, by golly –
We celebrate each war like it’s a holiday now.
That’s why we need another big war.
Need a new one yearly.
The last one that we started
is almost over, nearly.
Need a military conflict
to maximize our profit.
We need another war right now.

How swell the bombing –
We make a million bucks on every bomb you drop.
But, it’s alarming –
To hear you say that war’s immoral and it must stop.
Because for us a war is business.
More planes and ships you’re buying.
Business that brings billions
and deadly missiles flying.
Just forget the blood were spilling
for all the jobs we’re filling.
We need another war right now.

© Lyric by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved.

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