Many up north are complaining about July-like weather on Christmas Eve.  In a few weeks, when winter shows up, the complainers will be booking flights for Miami Beach.

Christmas in Miami
(Loosely to tune of “Autumn in New York,” by Vernon Duke)

Keep your praises please
For singing Carols as you freeze
For fighting Ole Jack Frost and sleet
And wearing three pairs of socks on your feet

I’ll take Christmas in Miami
Bright lights on Sabal Palms swaying
Christmas in Miami
Along a sandbar kids are playing

Watching the weather news on TV
Chilled faces aglow
Those places with snow
Don’t beckon here

It’s Christmas in Miami
Thankful for sunbeams unfailing
Christmas in Miami
Out on the bay Santa’s sailing

Proud purists who tout the cold
Storm South Beach hotels I’m told
It’s Christmas in Miami
They’d love to live it all year.

Lyric © 2007 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved



(To original melody)

Please Mister Santa
Don’t send me any toys.
Got no one here to watch me play
Like lucky girls and boys.

When you’re an orphan
Your mom and dad are gone.
They’ve told me they’re in heaven now.
But still they’re all I want.

And so I had to write this letter.
Send what would make this hurt inside feel better.

Someone to love me.
And take me as their own.
Please don’t forget me Santa.
I’m so small and all alone.

Please Mister Santa
I need a Merry Christmas
Before I’m fully grown.

© 2015 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved