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Florida Power and Light’s Turkey Point nuclear power plant has a problem. It’s cooling canals that protect the reactor from a melt-down are polluting Biscayne Bay.  FPL says the canals are not a pollution problem.  But, if the canals they say are not a problem are a problem what other safety elements of the plant are a problem?  Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima were called safe plants, not a problem, until an unforeseen problem arose.  But, nuclear accidents are not unforeseen and will occur again.  Risks that cannot be mitigated, however remote, should not be assumed.  Remote events statistically occur with regularity.  Chernobyl contaminated half of Europe.  The extent of Fukushima’s long-term contamination is yet unknown.  We should not be fooling with the stuff.


(To the tune of, “If I Were A Bell,” by Frank Loesser, from Broadway show, “Guys and Dolls.”)

Ask me how would I feel, if plutonium traces start showing?
Well sir all I can say, if you turned down the lights I’d be glowing.

Three Mile Island occurred to foretell.
At Chernobyl hot isotopes dwell.
Fukushima should have rung a bell.
But they shrug and say, all’s well.

Ask me at whom I’d rage, if my children imbibed radiation?
Mister nuclear physicist, best you’d be taking vacation.

With the threat of a nuclear tragedy tragically real.
They should start closing plants down
and stop asking me how I would feel.

Lyric © 2016 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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