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When I was representing Fred Neil (from about 1981 to his death), one of Fred’s music business pals (might have been Nick Venet, I don’t recall) was in contact with Frank Sinatra. Sinatra had wanted English lyrics written to a lovely melody Syracuse composed by Henri Salvador (can be found on You Tube) . The music-biz pal asked Fred who, of course, wanted no part of it. Fred mentioned the proposal to me and I prepared the lyric that follows. Fred liked my lyric and forwarded it on to his pal but I never heard from Sinatra. I offer it up now as more of my summer of romantic fluff.

(To melody of Syracuse by Henri Salvador)

A lonely raindrop knows the cold mist
A fallen leaf, the autumn ground
And me, I’ve felt completely helpless
When will I ever come around?

Weekends I drive up through New England
Like going to a lost and found
Hoping to find the smiles I’d lost there
When will I ever come around?

Back when I was myself you loved me
We roamed the Cape, ate lobster tails.
But then you left and something happened.
I felt the wind, go from my sails

Another cup of lukewarm coffee
Another cigarette burned down
I haven’t touched them I’ve been thinking
When will I ever come around?
When will I ever come around?

© 1983, 2016 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved

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