Make the merry very. Keep the folly jolly are the usual themes for Christmas songs. But, what of those who don’t feel the merriment, who are alone on Christmas, who feel unloved and empty?  No one drops by to say hello or to share a hot toddy. No one calls. There is no special one to hug and snuggle with when the snow and temperature fall. “Not Like Christmas” was written for Eleanor Rigby and all the lonely people. The link is to a audio-visual presentation.

The lyrics below have been slightly modified from the version linked above.

(Words and music by Robert and Marc Steinberg)

Snowflakes flutter down on the town-square
Evening wears a white coverall.
But I’m alone, and Christmas alone.
It’s not like Christmas at all.

Happy children laugh at a snowman
Mistletoe hangs over the hall.
I’m so alone, no girl of my own.
It’s not like Christmas at all.

Throw away those pretty decorations.
I might celebrate but what for?
What’s the use of dressin’ up?
When no friends come messin’ up
The welcome mat at my front door.

Everyone is warm
Sheltered from the storm.
Waiting for Santa to call.
I’m alone and Christmas alone.
It’s not like Christmas at all.

© 1984, 1994 by Robert and Marc Steinberg