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(To the tune of “What’s so Good About Goodbye?” by Smokey Robinson as recorded by The Miracles)

What’s so good about the news?
All it does is give me the blues.
Read how Trump can get elected
and how Putin is suspected.
Tell me, what’s so good about it?*
I could have done without it.*
What’s so good about the news?

In the Wall Street Journal today.
Read they’ll take my health plan away.
Though I’m healthy, I’m not wealthy.
And I can’t afford miscues.
Tell me, what’s so great about it?
I’d be OK without it.
What’s so great about the news?

Be like Trump and never read.
What a sheltered life I would lead.
Thinking ignorance is blissful
But that man is just abysmal
Tell you what’s so good about it?
We’d all be dumb without it
That’s what’s good about the news.

Lyric © by Robert S. Steinberg except starred (*) lines verbatim from original song.
All rights reserved.

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