This post continues the “Summer of Romantic Fluff,” on a jazz theme.

(To original melody)

“Someday Isle,” “Somewhere Happiness”
I’ll take you there one day.
We’ll go in style.

Life feels dead in “Meanwhile Loneliness,”
I dream to keep from going mad.
In “Someday Isle.”

That corner of my mind
Where I am loved, and I can find
A peaceful respite from the sadness.
For a while.

“Somewhere Girl,” Are you far or near?
The dream one day won’t be a “Someday,”
You’ll appear.

Show me your, “Always Smile.”
Goodbye to “Someday Isle.”
For then I’ll be –


© 2017 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved

AAAll rights reserved


In 1983 I was representing Fred Neil, an iconic music business cult figure. Fred who had abandoned the music business and become a recluse died in 2001. Hy Shore, an entertainment lawyer, and one of the more decent individuals I’ve met in the music business, suggested I try to induce Fred to write again. I penned the lyric below and showed it to Fred, hoping he might want to compose a melody. Fred liked the lyric and suggested one minor change. But, he never would write again which is a shame. He was an immensely talented musician, song-writer and singer, a true artist. Eventually, I came up with my own melody.

This post begins another Summer of Romantic Fluff, once again, taking a break from political parody.


(To original melody)
Old dreams have a funny way
Of dropping in on rainy day.
I’m finger-writing on my bedroom windowpane.
Tracing your name, over and over.

Thumbing through yellow photographs.
Some corny notes that once made you laugh.
A willy-nilly out-of-order sad parade.
Like crumpled sheets on a bed unmade.

In many ways the raindrops are images of my life.
Forming puddles of anger from a downpour of strife.
And even though I think I did carry it off in style.
Still I never could get around your smile.

Sure wish I was talkin’ with you.
Those rainy days, we would talk straight through..
The music of your voice, would be a soothing gift.
Into a memory storm I drift.

Now looking at the raindrops I’m reminded of who I am.
A soldier of fortune who never once gave a damn.
Oh I could teach the CIA a trick or two about guile.
But, I never could get around your smile.

Old drams never fade away.
If you’re alone on this rainy day.
There’s room enough for two beside my windowsill.
I’m trying to say that I love you still.

So if you’re frightened by the thunder
And the lightening in space.
Grab your umbrella
Come over to my place.
We’ll talk about some old times and have ourselves a good cry.
And later on maybe get around to s smile.
Babe, I never could get around your smile.

© 2017 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved