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Continuing the, “Summer of Romantic Fluff.” I’ve always like Mariachi music, the winding melodies, fragrant harmony and acoustic guitars. This lyric about a cowboy who falls in love on his way to the Alamo was written to an original  Mariachi-like tune.

(To original melody)

Margarita pretty senorita.
We were standing in the courtyard
of a church outside of Mexico.
I was only passing through there.
When I spent a night with you there.
On my way to San Antonio.

Suddenly the sunlight caught your hair.
There was sadness in your eyes,
entreating softly, “Please don’t go.”
Still, I had to leave that morning.
By the twilight of the night,
men would be dying at the Alamo.

Margarita, don’t despair.
It’s just that I cannot dishonor
A Texas torn with strife.
Still I love you, I’ll take care.
And I promise Margarita,
Not to throw away my life.
When we’ve defeated Santa Anna
I’ll come back and make you my wife.

As I rode my steed into the sunrise.
In my mind there was determination,
in my heart an unrelenting pain.
And I understood the meaning
of the saying,
Cowboys’ memories are scattered
like the dust upon the desert plain.
Repeat chorus

There’s an eerie silence always following a battle.
Santa Anna walks among the brave
who would not choose to yield.
In the pocket of one soldier
is a torn and bloodied letter.
And he reads it to himself
right there upon the battlefield.

Margarita don’t despair.
You know that I could not dishonor
A Texas torn with strife.
Know I loved you and take care
And I’m sorry Margarita
That I could not save my life.
You’ll meet another lucky cowboy.
One day he’ll make you his wife.

© 2017 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved

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