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(To the tune of :”Blue Skies,” by Irving Berlin)

Tax Cuts
Bestowed in a huff.
Ladle out tax cuts.
Trump wouldn’t bluff

Tax games
A Bill no one reads.
Praise the new Tax Law.
Nobody needs.

Voting for a change made in a rush
Congressmen hide. Senators blush
Embarrassing to learn nobody’s knows.
What’s in the bill, they’ve just proposed.

Tax gifts.
Corporate relief.
Another big wealth shift
More Middle Class grief.

Lobbyists are poised, ready to swarm
Capitol Hill. They’ll stir up a storm.
Benefits galore throughout the Code
And no one gives up their Motherlode

Tax cuts
Steal like a thief.
Helping You- Know-Who
Our Commander in Chief.

Lyric © 2017 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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