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(To the tune of, “Long and Winding Road, by Paul McCartney, as recorded by Paul McCartney and Wings)

A foul and crushing tide
of autocracy
I never thought I’d see.
This tide roll over me.
He answers to, “My Liege.”
Our rights are under siege.

Who’d justify the means
by his own evil ends?
One who pretends to love
free democracy.
While our Due Process Clause
he shreds to self-applause.

Every time he tells a lie
there’s people who’ll believe him.
Prove to them he’s told a lie
the fools will still believe him

This turning from the truth
feels so sad I could cry
In pain, I wonder why
our founders had to die.
We need them here today.
We’ve surely lost our way.


Lyric © 2018 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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