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(To the tune of, “Ask Me How Do I Feel,” by Frank Loesser from the 1950 Broadway Musical Guys and Dolls)

Ask Trump what does he read
And he’ll tell you he doesn’t like reading.
Well if knowledge is food for the brain
His could use a good feeding.

Big decisions, a president’s task.
All he makes from the seat of his pants
“Bout one consequence, don’t even ask.
You’d be better off talking to plants.

Ask if he’s told a lie
He’ll react with his arrogance flaring.
Well if truth was a leaf on the tree
He’s a windstorm unsparing.

Then he’ll speak and jump into the fire
Right out of the pan.
Well, what could you expect
From a selfish and ignorant man.


Lyric © 2018 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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