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(To the tune of “Love Hurts,” by Boudleaux Bryant as recorded by Roy Orbison as well as the Everly Brothers)
Trump lies! Trump lies!
He can’t disguise
What isn’t true, or real.
Hard facts reveal.
No matter what he claims.
No matter who he blames.
Trump is unaware
Himself he only shames.
Trump lies! Trump lies!

When day is night.
And wrong is right.
I’m not a fool.
No chump.
Who thinks like Trump.
Who’ll justify the means
Always by the ends.
Murderers and thieves
Are his closest friends.
Trump lies! Trump lies!

Some folks think he’s wonderful,
Lovable, invincible.
He can fool those fools I guess.
But he’s not fooling me.

No, offer not your soul.
Offer not your trust.
Trump is like a gust
Of hot air blowing dust.
Trump lies! Trump lies!

Everly Brothers version:
Roy Orbison version:

Lyric © 2018 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

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