Mister Donald
(To the tune of Mona Lisa by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans, as recorded by Nat King Cole)

Mister Donald, Mister Donald, Who will lead us?
We’ve elected you and now we’re really stuck.

What a phony.
What baloney
Do you feed us.

Donald you’re not presidential
You’re a schmuck.

Did you run to serve the Country Mister Donald?
Or was this another scheme to earn a buck?

Many crises will land on your shoulders.
You incite them.
And ignite them.

Should you serve four-more-years Mister Donald
Four-more-years will see the country run amuck.

Who would vote for you now Mister Donald?
We’d be better off electing Donald Duck.
Mister Donald, Mister Donald.

Lyric © 2019 by Robert S. Steinberg