The Islamic State, also known as the IS or ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq & Syria) is reported to have recruited thousands from Tunisia, the star of Arab Spring uprisings.  Why do they go to follow the IS?

(To the tune of “Let’s Get Away from it All,” by Matt Dennis & Tom Adair, made popular by Frank Sinatra, first with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and later in the iconic Capitol Records “concepts album,” “Come Fly with Me.”)

Let’s jet away from Tunisia.
Democracy’s a big stress.
Wacko’s it stifles.
Pack up the rifles.
Let’s go and join the IS.

In London we’re hated as Muslims.
Assimilation’s a mess.
Brits don’t like bombing.
Iraq is calming.
Let’s go and join the IS.

We’ll get there on a boat or plane.
To Syria we’ll go.
Tell mom and pop we’ll soon explain.
Watch for our video.

Sisi’s too hard on the Brothers.
In Sinai we’ll cause him distress.
Let’s feed the crisis.
Be-heading for ISIS.
Let’s go and join the IS.

They’ve promised us a gun and wife.
Some kidnapped female slave.
And if perchance you take her life.
Allah will know you were brave.

Taking a dose of the Stupids.
Taxing our brains so much less.
We’ll follow the Prophet.
For somebody’s profit.
Let’s go and join the IS.

Lyric © 2015 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved.