(Original poem)

If I am thankful for my home,
I will shelter the homeless.
If I am thankful for this meal,
I will feed the hungry.

If I am thankful my children are safe,
I will protect all children.
If I am thankful for being loved,
I will bestow loving kindness on all.

If I am thankful for my portion,
I will give generously to the needy.
If I am thankful for my talents,
I will keep mindful my failings.

If I am thankful for my freedom,
I will respect the rights of others.
If I am thankful for this life,
I will revere the miracle it represents.

If I do not,
I am not truly thankful,
Only selfish.

© 2010 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved


Summer seems a good time to break from political parody and offer up a little romantic fluff. So, a poem for the romantic spirits.

(Original poem by Robert S. Steinberg)

I still remember when love smiled softly,
Touched me on the shoulder
And I turned around to look, bewildered,
Momentarily stunned by the why.
When love spoke warmly I answered
Love, in a language heard whispered
By children, in daydreams and now,
By you and I.

Do you remember when love smiled softly?
Kissed you on the forehead
Like a morning sun? Giving life
A truth that had been pretend.
When love sighed deeply,
As if to say, “Trust me.
“Believe in what you feel,
I am a friend.”

We came together when love smiled softly
Wed us like two rivers,
Carried us along, one irrepressible flow,
Immersed in the other’s current.
Love smiled, and we smiled back at love,
Softly, as I smile at you today,
Softly, more the river rolls and bends
Softly smiling now, before love ends.

© 2016 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved