The finale to the 2017 Summer of Romantic Fluff is my lyric to a lovely melody and main musical theme from the film Forrest Gump. The movie begins with Forrest sitting on a bench while the camera follows a floating breeze-blown feather. An evocative, metaphoric scene.

(To the tune of “Feather Theme,” From 1994 film, “Forrest Gump,” by Alan Silvestri)
Life can be free and light, a feather,
Floating on velvet air.
Life seems about to settle down, and,
Then it skips off somewhere.

Life is a Chekov play, a farce,
A tango with de-je-vu.
Life is each precious day I spend with you.

Anywhere life can lead, we’ll follow.
Mystery has its charms.
Anytime I feel lost, you’ll be there,
Guiding me to your arms.

I’m not a smart man, but I know,
What everyone surely knows-
Life is feather, tickling your toes.

Lyric copyright 2016 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esq.
All rights reserved
You can find the Forrest Gump soundtrack movie Feather Theme on YouTube at  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=forrest+gump+feather+theme




More Summer of Romantic Fluff. This lyric is a repeat from 2016’s summer with some alternative lyrics.

(To the melody of “Syracuse” by Henri Salvador)

When Syracuse was where you loved me.
The moonlight shimmered on the sand.
The stars were lucky charms above me.
My heart was putty in your hand.

The sunrise augured joy for me there
Still it reminds me of your smile
When it was heaven just to be there.
With you in Syracuse a while.

Its streets once paved with dreams and magic.
Warm breezes whispering your name.
When I revisit now seem tragic.
With you not here, nothing’s the same..

Old Syracuse feels drab and lonely.
As by myself I wander ‘round.
The haunts we knew are places only.
And not the Syracuse we’d found.
Gone is the Syracuse we’d found.

Lyric 2016 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved

You can find one haunting version of the song at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP918Q272AA.


More Summer of Romantic Fluff.

(To original melody)

Love isn’t like a walk in the rain
Love isn’t only pleasure and pain
Love isn’t just a Mr. and Ms.
I know what love isn’t
I don’t know what love is

Love isn’t like they sing in the song
Love isn’t “always right then it’s wrong”
Must love be such a difficult quiz?
I know what love isn’t
I don’t know what love is

I’ve heard he’ll set your heart a flutter
I’ve heard he’ll turn your head to butter
I’ve heard he’ll make the words you utter
Sound foolish compared to his

Love isn’t quite as deep as the sea
Love isn’t what you think it will be
Strong arms around me tight as a glove
That isn’t an isn’t
No, no, it is love.

© 2009 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved



Here’s more of the Summer of Romantic Fluff.

(To melody of movie theme the name of which I cannot recall)

Yesterday a smile
Today a frown
The world spins ‘round
We live, we cope
Sometimes in fear
And always keeping up our guards
Hope against all odds
But it’s so hard for me to live
Without you here.

Yesterday is gone
Along with you
Nowhere a smile
Where is the love
The dreams, the life
What stands behind that meant so much
Nothing one can touch
Only memories that flicker
Through the night
Yesterday a smile
Just yesterday
A smile seemed right.

© 2003 by Robert S. Steinberg
All right reserved


Continuing the, “Summer of Romantic Fluff.” I’ve always like Mariachi music, the winding melodies, fragrant harmony and acoustic guitars. This lyric about a cowboy who falls in love on his way to the Alamo was written to an original  Mariachi-like tune.

(To original melody)

Margarita pretty senorita.
We were standing in the courtyard
of a church outside of Mexico.
I was only passing through there.
When I spent a night with you there.
On my way to San Antonio.

Suddenly the sunlight caught your hair.
There was sadness in your eyes,
entreating softly, “Please don’t go.”
Still, I had to leave that morning.
By the twilight of the night,
men would be dying at the Alamo.

Margarita, don’t despair.
It’s just that I cannot dishonor
A Texas torn with strife.
Still I love you, I’ll take care.
And I promise Margarita,
Not to throw away my life.
When we’ve defeated Santa Anna
I’ll come back and make you my wife.

As I rode my steed into the sunrise.
In my mind there was determination,
in my heart an unrelenting pain.
And I understood the meaning
of the saying,
Cowboys’ memories are scattered
like the dust upon the desert plain.
Repeat chorus

There’s an eerie silence always following a battle.
Santa Anna walks among the brave
who would not choose to yield.
In the pocket of one soldier
is a torn and bloodied letter.
And he reads it to himself
right there upon the battlefield.

Margarita don’t despair.
You know that I could not dishonor
A Texas torn with strife.
Know I loved you and take care
And I’m sorry Margarita
That I could not save my life.
You’ll meet another lucky cowboy.
One day he’ll make you his wife.

© 2017 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved


This post continues the Summer of Romantic Fluff.

(To original melody)

Such a lonely word that leaves you feeling sad
One can always find some good in any bad
To think,
We could only say goodbye if first we’d said hello

And so be glad
For every moment that we loved and cared
For knowing I was there
And for all we shared
Between the words hello goodbye

Barely spoken sound to signify and end
So long,
Though I hate to see you leave my lovely friend.
But then,
We were lucky to have found
What many never know

And so I’m glad
For every moment that we loved and cared
For knowing you were there
And for all we shared
Between the words hello goodbye.
Between the words hello goodbye.


© 2004 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved


This post continues the “Summer of Romantic Fluff,” on a jazz theme.

(To original melody)

“Someday Isle,” “Somewhere Happiness”
I’ll take you there one day.
We’ll go in style.

Life feels dead in “Meanwhile Loneliness,”
I dream to keep from going mad.
In “Someday Isle.”

That corner of my mind
Where I am loved, and I can find
A peaceful respite from the sadness.
For a while.

“Somewhere Girl,” Are you far or near?
The dream one day won’t be a “Someday,”
You’ll appear.

Show me your, “Always Smile.”
Goodbye to “Someday Isle.”
For then I’ll be –


© 2017 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved

AAAll rights reserved