The first GOP presidential debate led me to believe we needed some more verses of “He’s the Trump,” (original posted June 27, 2015).

(To the tune of “You’re the Top,” by Cole Porter)

He’s the Trump
To the nuts will pander.
He’s the trump.
Thinks that “rude” is candor.
He’s the little brat, having tantrums that
all the neighbors dread.
He’s Napoleon, a relentless Hun,
He’s the biggest head.

He’s the Trump.
On the bully pulpit.
Serving rump.
And the media gulp it.
If he’s campaign should end in the garbage dump.
He’ll proclaim he’s still the winner
He’s the Trump.

He’s the Trump.
Implies Meagan’s menstrual.
In no slump.
Calls his reign eventual.
He’s the charging herd, of verbal turd a clump.
But he’s always true to Donald.
He’s the Trump.

Lyric © 2015 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved