(Original poem)

If I am thankful for my home,
I will shelter the homeless.
If I am thankful for this meal,
I will feed the hungry.

If I am thankful my children are safe,
I will protect all children.
If I am thankful for being loved,
I will bestow loving kindness on all.

If I am thankful for my portion,
I will give generously to the needy.
If I am thankful for my talents,
I will keep mindful my failings.

If I am thankful for my freedom,
I will respect the rights of others.
If I am thankful for this life,
I will revere the miracle it represents.

If I do not,
I am not truly thankful,
Only selfish.

© 2010 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved


I wish to all of my readers a meaningful Thanksgiving.


“I’m self made,” a man
I knew once would say.
“Did it all by myself,
every step of the way.”

But no one’s an Island.
How could someone be?
And even an Island
depends on the sea.

As young Bobby Thomson
whose swing had no hitch,
needed Ralph Branca
to throw him the pitch.*

We all need each other,
be friend or be foe.
For help or to challenge,
the wise sages know.

To all whom have touched me,
great thanks I do give.
You make my Thanksgiving
a blessing to live.

© 2009 by Robert S. Steinberg Esquire
All rights reserved

*Refers to New York Giant outfielder Bobby Thompson’s walk-off home run off Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Ralph Branca on October 3, 1951  that won the pennant for the Giants.  The historic slam is called, “The Shot Heard Round the World,”