Here’s more of the Summer of Romantic Fluff.

(To melody of movie theme the name of which I cannot recall)

Yesterday a smile
Today a frown
The world spins ‘round
We live, we cope
Sometimes in fear
And always keeping up our guards
Hope against all odds
But it’s so hard for me to live
Without you here.

Yesterday is gone
Along with you
Nowhere a smile
Where is the love
The dreams, the life
What stands behind that meant so much
Nothing one can touch
Only memories that flicker
Through the night
Yesterday a smile
Just yesterday
A smile seemed right.

© 2003 by Robert S. Steinberg
All right reserved


In the 1960s I was writing songs with J.J. Jackson at Tender Tunes Music (Publishing arm of Kama Sutra Records which later became Buddah (later changed to Buddha) Records in the 1650 building on Broadway, NYC. J.J. and I wrote many good songs during that time. Most were rock and roll songs that were either never recorded or recorded and not released for often obscure music business reasons. J.J., a talented singer, musician and arranger, later went over to England and had success there with his hit song, “It’s All Right,” still played on oldies stations and some albums. But, back then we also wrote some jazz tunes and this is the lyric to one I’m posting as part of my Summer of Romantic Fluff which is winding down after Labor Day. I always liked this song and still play it on my home piano badly in need of an overhaul.

(Music by J.J. Jackson and Robert S. Steinberg, Lyrics by Robert S. Steinberg)

Spring mustn’t come this year.
Tell Mister Bluebird not to appear.
I couldn’t bear his song.
Spring mustn’t come this year.

The one I love has gone.
So let the lonely winds whisper on.
Lilacs would be all wrong.
Spring mustn’t come this year.

A warm sunny day with white clouds above.
Would only remind me of
Her warm, sunny face, now some other place
With some other lips so near.

Don’t let the sun shine forth.
Don’t let the songbirds wing their way north.
I couldn’t stand the cheer.
Spring mustn’t come this year.
Not while my love’s not here.

Lyric © 1963, 2016 by Robert Steinberg
All rights reserved


When I was representing Fred Neil (from about 1981 to his death), one of Fred’s music business pals (might have been Nick Venet, I don’t recall) was in contact with Frank Sinatra. Sinatra had wanted English lyrics written to a lovely melody Syracuse composed by Henri Salvador (can be found on You Tube) . The music-biz pal asked Fred who, of course, wanted no part of it. Fred mentioned the proposal to me and I prepared the lyric that follows. Fred liked my lyric and forwarded it on to his pal but I never heard from Sinatra. I offer it up now as more of my summer of romantic fluff.

(To melody of Syracuse by Henri Salvador)

A lonely raindrop knows the cold mist
A fallen leaf, the autumn ground
And me, I’ve felt completely helpless
When will I ever come around?

Weekends I drive up through New England
Like going to a lost and found
Hoping to find the smiles I’d lost there
When will I ever come around?

Back when I was myself you loved me
We roamed the Cape, ate lobster tails.
But then you left and something happened.
I felt the wind, go from my sails

Another cup of lukewarm coffee
Another cigarette burned down
I haven’t touched them I’ve been thinking
When will I ever come around?
When will I ever come around?

© 1983, 2016 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved