The economy is supposedly improving but the middle-class lot remains stagnant  and worrisome.  Unemployment is still too high and wages for those with jobs continue to lose pace with everyday living expenses.  There was a time when plain folks could sustain themselves, or starve by themselves.  Now the consumer oiled job making machinery must provide a job for most. 

(To tune of, “Who’s Sorry Now?” (1923) by, Ted Snyder, Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby)

Who’ll feed me now?
Who’ll feed me now?
Though I’m out of work
I’m still hungry somehow

The industry gods
Said learn and work hard
“You’d have a job,” was their vow

In canyons of steel
With no job there’s no meal
I’m hungry, and,
Who’ll feed me now?

Back on the farm
Life was no charm
But we had the crops and the cow

Life in the city
With no job ain’t pretty
I’m hungry, and,
Who’ll feed me now?

Lyric © 2013 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved