This post continues the summer break with more romantic fluff.

(Original lyric by Robert S. Steinberg to original melody)

We’re all people, lonely people.
Different colors, sizes, odd shapes.
But just people, vulnerable people.
To life’s bruises, and love’s heart-scrapes

We breathe the same air
on this same lonely world.
Alone among the stars.
Every woman, every man
every boy and every girl
knows in her heart

She’s a person, and a person’s
No more precious than the next one.
Wealth may bring a bit of comfort.
But we’re planted in the same bed
when it’s all been said and done.

So, I’ll fill my cup with kindness.
We’re all here just passing through.
Lonely people, as lonely people do.
But I’ll feel less lonely
if I’m the person
who is pleasing you.

© 2016 by Robert S. Steinberg
All rights reserved