Albert Siegel’s article of January 24, 2016 in the Miami Herald,” In porn-laden Japan, few indulge in sex”, reported lowering birth-rates in Japan fueled in part by single’s disinterest in dating, sex or relationships with the opposite sex. Young singles there would simply rather be alone to engage in hobbies or do what they want. One single, who was representative of the group surveyed, said, “I cannot really imagine having people in my life.” Just over 44 percent of married couples admitted to having no sex. It seems that becoming involved with real people is now viewed as an inconvenience or even a burden. That pornography is pervasive in Japan adds irony to the story. The serious side of this trend is that we human beings in our desire to escape all things real for all things virtual may be creating the demographic pathway to extinction.



(To the tune of “By Myself,” by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz (1937))

Verse 1

I go my way by myself.
Have no need for romance.
I know the way by myself.
And need no partner to dance.

I won’t multiply myself.
Children need more than I’d give.
I’m happy all by myself.
The selfish life’s what I’ll live.

But heart’s turn to stone.
If left on their own.
And, in the end I will die myself.
All by myself alone.

Verse 2

I go my way by myself.
Want no man to displease.
For love I won’t cry myself.
Forget the birds and the bees.

I spend the day myself.
Solitude feels divine.
Live out my life by myself.
As though extinction were fine.

But hearts turn to stone.
If left on their own.
In the end I will die myself.
All by myself alone.


Lyric © 2015 by Robert S. Steinberg, Esquire
All rights reserved.