This post is in honor of Simone Biles’ amazing achievement at the Rio Games.

(Original Lyric in need of melody)

Golden girl.
You weren’t just another little girl.
When people said, “you can’t,” you’d say, “Yes I can.”
“Nothing I can’t do in this whole wide world.”
“I’m gonna be a golden girl.”

In your eyes
Always was a glimmer of the big prize
Telling everyone what was yet untold
“One day I’ll have the spotlight and be wearing gold.”.
“I’m gonna be a golden girl”.

First you thought it.
Then you sought it.
You believed it.
And you achieved it.

Little Miss Nerves of Steel.
Tell me, now how does it feel?
The whole world’s saying
“You’re The Golden Girl.”

© 2016 by Robert S. Steinberg.
All rights reserved